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ObjectDisposedError — class, package org.as3coreaddendum.errors
The error that is thrown when an operation is performed on a disposed object that implements the org.as3coreaddendum.system.IDisposable interface.
ObjectDisposedError(message:String) — Constructor, class org.as3coreaddendum.errors.ObjectDisposedError
Constructor, creates a new ObjectDisposedError instance.
opaqueBackground — Property, interface org.as3coreaddendum.display.IDisplayObject
options — Property, interface org.as3coreaddendum.system.ISortable
Defines the options to be used automatically to sort.
ordinal — Property, class org.as3coreaddendum.system.Enum
The ordinal of this enumeration constant (its position in its enum declaration, where the initial constant is assigned an ordinal of zero).
org.as3coreaddendum.display — package
org.as3coreaddendum.errors — package
org.as3coreaddendum.events — package
org.as3coreaddendum.system — package
org.as3coreaddendum.system.comparators — package
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