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name — Property, interface org.as3coreaddendum.display.IDisplayObject
name — Property, class org.as3coreaddendum.system.Enum
The name of this enum constant exactly as supplied by the constructor.
NONE — Constant Static Property, class org.as3coreaddendum.system.NumericRounding
Defines the constant that indicates that a numeric value should not be rounded.
NullPointerError — class, package org.as3coreaddendum.errors
The error that is thrown to indicate that null was received when an object was required.
NullPointerError(message:String) — Constructor, class org.as3coreaddendum.errors.NullPointerError
Constructor, creates a new NullPointerError instance.
NumberComparator — class, package org.as3coreaddendum.system.comparators
A comparator for Number objects.
NumberComparator(useDecimalPlaces:Boolean, decimalPlaces:int) — Constructor, class org.as3coreaddendum.system.comparators.NumberComparator
Constructor, creates a new NumberComparator object.
numChildren — Property, interface org.as3coreaddendum.display.IDisplayObjectContainer
NumericRounding — class, package org.as3coreaddendum.system
The enumeration class that defines the acceptable values for numeric rounding.
NumericRounding(name:String, ordinal:int) — Constructor, class org.as3coreaddendum.system.NumericRounding
Constructor, creates a new NumericRounding object.
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