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accessibilityImplementation — Property, interface org.as3coreaddendum.display.IInteractiveObject
accessibilityProperties — Property, interface org.as3coreaddendum.display.IDisplayObject
addChild(child:flash.display:DisplayObject) — method, interface org.as3coreaddendum.display.IDisplayObjectContainer
addChildAt(child:flash.display:DisplayObject, index:int) — method, interface org.as3coreaddendum.display.IDisplayObjectContainer
alpha — Property, interface org.as3coreaddendum.display.IDisplayObject
AlphabeticalComparator — class, package org.as3coreaddendum.system.comparators
A comparator for alphabetic order of String objects.
AlphabeticalComparator(comparison:org.as3coreaddendum.system.comparators:AlphabeticalComparison) — Constructor, class org.as3coreaddendum.system.comparators.AlphabeticalComparator
Constructor, creates a new AlphabeticComparator object.
AlphabeticalComparison — class, package org.as3coreaddendum.system.comparators
The enumeration class that defines the acceptable values for the AlphabeticalComparator.
AlphabeticalComparison(name:String, ordinal:int) — Constructor, class org.as3coreaddendum.system.comparators.AlphabeticalComparison
Constructor, creates a new AlphabeticalComparison object.
areInaccessibleObjectsUnderPoint(point:flash.geom:Point) — method, interface org.as3coreaddendum.display.IDisplayObjectContainer
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